Pick of the Launches

22 August, 2018

Here is the pick of the launches from last month, as featured in Drinks International magazine August edition.

With demand outstripping supply, Kentucky’s bourbon distillers are looking for alternatives to longer ageing. Shay Waterworth reports

Vodka: A clear winner?

21 August, 2018

Is it possible to apply the craft approach to vodka? Philip Duff could have had the recipe for success

With the term ‘sparkling’ gaining credence in wines from England, Canada and Spain, champagne can’t afford to rest on its laurels. Jamie Goode reports

Argentina is one of football’s great nations. in terms of wine, its Malbec is also high scoring. Christian Davis kicks off

Pick of the Launches

09 August, 2018

Here is the pick of the launches from last month, as featured in Drinks International magazine July edition.

Cognac: Innovating history

07 August, 2018

Cognac is experiencing a period of innovation which is challenging some of its own traditions, but could this further enhance the glowing reputation of the French spirit? Shay Waterworth travelled to the south of France to investigate.

Knowing Rioja

06 August, 2018

Rioja, Spain’s best-known wine and one of the most famous producing regions, has a new global marketing campaign. Christian Davis reports

Sour hits sweet spot

03 August, 2018

A beer style that was largely the product of a lack of an imprecise science has found favour with the modern consumer – in a big way, as Jeff Evans reports

The great cider divide

03 August, 2018

Traditionalists are calling for tighter restrictions on production methods while their younger fruity rivals are lapping up their freedom. Shay Waterworth reports

Norman conquerors

25 July, 2018

The debate rages as to whether sherry or rum will fire the imagination of bartenders in the coming months. but, says Dominic Roskrow, don’t write off calvados – it’s making its mark

Philip Duff gets to grips with the history of sambuca and discovers there’s much more to the anise-flavoured liquor than dodgy ’80s cocktails

Shay Waterworth catches up with Courvoisier global ambassador Rebecca Asseline as she returns to Jarnac to take up the role of communications officer

Chile rides out

24 July, 2018

Chile is moving on from its reputation for producing quality but ‘safe’ wines as a new generation exploits modern techniques and diverse terroir, finds Christian Davis

While innovation is creating a buzz around quality Canadian whisky, it’s up to the brands to get their products out there. Hamish Smith reports

Dark rum sees the light

23 July, 2018

As artisanal brands invade the on-trade space traditionally occupied by big names, opportunities to premiumise are opening up in the category. By Shay Waterworth

From surviving guerilla warfare to improving rights for Guatemalan women, Shay Waterworth hears the remarkable story of Ron Zacapa’s master blender, Lorena Vásquez

Anthony Biles (pictured), creative director of branding and design consultancy at Biles Hendry gives his insight into how brands can use true stories to stand out from the crowd in today’s saturated market.

Pick of the Launches

04 July, 2018

Here is the pick of the launches from last month, as featured in Drinks International magazine June edition.

Mezcal’s coming of age

26 June, 2018

Long in the shadow of tequila, mezcal is finally finding its place in the spotlight. Clinton Cawood reports

Essential Ingredient

26 June, 2018

Bitters add depth, flavour and spice to cocktails, says Phil Duff, so it’s no wonder so many new versions have started to appear on back bars

A wine world rarity

26 June, 2018

New Zealand’s Marlborough seems to have it all. Jamie Goode charts the rise and rise of one of sauvignon blanc’s great regions

Rowena Curlewis, CEO of Denomination, a drinks specialist design company gives her thoughts on the values that a royal warrant can give a brand and how these brands are likely to change with the next generation of royals.

ISC Awards- Whiskies

21 June, 2018

Shay Waterworth gives a snapshot of the International Spirits Challenge whisky judging event ahead of three pages revealing the gold medal winners for 2018

Pick of the Launches

19 June, 2018

Here is the pick of the launches from last month, as featured in Drinks International magazine April edition.

Angel Brown caught up with Havana Club global brand ambassador Meimi Sanchez in Cuba at the Havana Club Cocktail Grand Prix 2018.

God's own country

06 June, 2018

Armagnac claims to be France’s oldest spirit but its soul is as much in wine and the terroir as it is in any alembic still. Christian Davis visits

Owning the cocktail

06 June, 2018

Mark de Witte, ceo of De Kuyper,has transformed the sleepy dutch distiller into a force to be reckoned with in the labyrinthian, mixed, infused world of cocktails. Christian Davis goes to Rotterdam

Gin has some way to go to rival vodka in terms of size in travel retail, but its rise in recent years has been remarkable, writes Joe Bates

Pick of the Launches

23 May, 2018

Here is the pick of the launches from last month, as featured in Drinks International magazine May edition.

A cut above

11 May, 2018

Ireland’s triple distilled whiskey continues to forge ahead. Christian Davis reports.

An eye on the ball

10 May, 2018

Shay Waterworth meets purity brewing’s Florent Vialan to talk rugby, cycling – and a bit of brewing for sport.

Australian wine has certainly had its ups and downs in recent years, but Jamie Goode finds cause to believe it’s now truly back on track.

Frozen in time

10 May, 2018

Steeped in history, the bitters category is also steeped in confusion for many consumers – but history and authenticity are on its side. Angel Brown reports

Pick of the Launches

02 May, 2018

Here is the pick of the launches from last month, as featured in Drinks International magazine March edition.

The summer festival season is fast approaching in the northern hemishpere and Zoe Brown, head of account management at BD Network gives her insights on what brands are doing to promote different drinks.

Bubbling up

19 March, 2018

Cava has been stuck between a rock and a hard place, namely champagne and prosecco. but there is a new classification and producers want to float up on consumers’ love for bubbles. Christian Davis fizzes

Animated serves

19 March, 2018

With cocktails increasingly involving scientific geekery, how do bars keep consumers interested in technical drinks? Shay Waterworth polls the lab pioneers

Shay Waterworth meets Purity Brewing's Florent Vialan to talk rugby, cycling - and a bit of brewing for sport.

Shay Waterworth reveals the names on everyone’s lips following last month’s annual Wine Design Challenge.

The annual awards are a highlight of the year for any company which invests in creating a visitor experience. Christian Davis reports.

Like a dog with two tails

19 February, 2018

Big-name suppliers have every reason to feel happy as Chinese New Year approaches. Shay Waterworth outlines exactly how much this festival means

Long and low

19 February, 2018

Liqueurs have hardly been the heroes of the drinks scene of late, but changing trends could see that turning around. Angel Brown reports

Unearthing the past

19 February, 2018

Genever has been out of the mainstream loop for so long that gin has stepped in on the classic cocktails. But Hamish Smith finds grounds for optimism

The key to Allen

19 February, 2018

Mount Gay master blender Allen Smith is a history buff whose own ancestorial history is hidden from him. He talks to Hamish Smith about his love for the past and how he came to rum

Pick of the Launches

19 February, 2018

Here is the pick of the launches from last month, as featured in Drinks International magazine February edition

Flight of reality

08 February, 2018

Drinks International ‘newbie’ Shay Waterworth recounts his experience of undertaking the WSET Level 2 Award in Spirits.

The no-low science bit

08 February, 2018

Low and no-alcohol wines were once horrible parodies of the real thing. not any more, writes Jamie Goode.

Drinks International’s annual Pre-Mixed Drinks Challenge reflected the fast pace at which this sector is growing. Shay Waterworth reports.

New shoots

08 February, 2018

Finally getting its own craft segment, vodka is taking cues from wine and championing the terroir of its base as a flavour provider. Shay Waterworth grows the theory.

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