Pick of the Launches

01 March, 2017

Here is the pick of the launches from last month, as featured in Drinks International Magazine March edition

More tasteful proposition

21 February, 2017

The craft movement has started to help brush away vodka’s artificial flavours reputation and let the drink’s more natural tastes shine. Jaq Bayles reports

Trail Blazers

17 February, 2017

What goes up must come down, right? when it comes to Japanese Whisky that’s not necessarily the case, argues Dominic Roskrow. not yet, at least

Against the Grain

17 February, 2017

Ali Dedianko might not be the obvious choice for the new face of london beer week but, as Holly Motion found out, she is an inspired one

Pick of the Launches

13 February, 2017

Here is the pick of the launches from last month, as featured in Drinks International Magazine February edition

Wine Tourism: The Awards

09 February, 2017

The Drinks International Wine Tourism Challenge was judged at the Wine & Spirit Education Trust HQ. Christian Davis reports

To continue our list of The Most Admired Champagne Brands, here is 16-30

The emotions of branding

03 February, 2017

It's emotions that drive purchase behaviour, says guest writer Steve Beckworth of creative agency Colt.

So, the 2016 growing season was one of the most difficult in living memory. Thank heavens for a weather change in August through to harvest in mid-September

Holly Motion details the process behind the results of this year’s World’s Most Admired Champagne Brands

Natural Selection

26 January, 2017

Cocktail syrups have evolved over many years as classic cocktail modifiers. Kat Odell looks at how they have improved to satisfy modern consumer quality demands

Quality is improving across the board when it comes to pre-mixed drinks, as producers recognise the increase in drinking ocassions. Hamish Smith reports

Pick of the Launches

16 January, 2017

Here is the pick of the launches from last month, as featured in Drinks International Magazine January edition

Moore’s the merrier

12 January, 2017

In 2006, Joanne Moore became the first female master distiller at G&J distillers and is one of the first women gin master distillers in the world. Christian Davis distils her story


12 January, 2017

Drinks International’s annual picks from 2016 of intriguing, exciting, fun and fantastic products and events

The Awards judging took place at the Wine & Spirit Education Trust’s london headquarters in December. Christian Davis reports

Exchanging glances

14 December, 2016

One of the world’s great fortified wines, port is facing a number of challenges. Christian Davis reports

A star is born

08 December, 2016

When an aquavit was awarded the Supreme Champion Spirit by the International Spirits Challenge’s judges’ chairmen, many sat up and took notice. Christian Davis travels to Oslo to visit the home of aquavit

Le Passion

07 December, 2016

First it was rugby then he discovered he had a great palate. he converted. Christian Davis touches down with flamboyant winemaker Olivier Dauga

The 23rd Cocktail Challenge from Drinks International took place last month, making it one of the longest uninterrupted global cocktail competitions in the world

The great sherry revival

24 November, 2016

A new generation of consumers is discovering styles their grandparents probably never knew. Holly Motion reports

Picasso wines

24 November, 2016

South Africa paints an experimental picture with its wines and, according to Tim Atkin MW, is the most dynamic wine-producing country in the world. Christian Davis report

Selling at a premium

16 November, 2016

Mixers are as important as the spirit when it comes to making a drink, and there are plenty of reasons to get consumers to trade up, says Tracy West

Tequila expresses itself

07 November, 2016

The Mexican spirit is shaking off its shot reputation in the US and being taken seriously in the premium stakes, Jaq Bayles reports

Pick of the Launches

28 October, 2016

Here is the pick of the launches from last month, as featured in Drinks International Magazine November edition.

Golden Opportunity

24 October, 2016

Wine Vision, the conference about the future of the wine industry, takes place from December 5-7 in California. Christian Davis reports

Driving a brand

17 October, 2016

Not many wine brand owners have official status at international events. The Bordeaux brand Mouton Cadet is an exception. Christian Davis talks to Baron Philippe De Rothschild managing director Hugues Lechanoine

Blended Scotch Whisky

17 October, 2016

The traditionally calm and tranquil world of blended scotch whisky is suddenly looking surprisingly spritely. Dominic Roskrow finds out why

Champagne could do better in travel retail, says Giles Fallowfield, and producers are actively trying to up their game

Portfolio Refresh

13 October, 2016

Ed Cottrell, new managing director for global travel retail at William Grant & Sons, is convinced of the need to constantly renew the company’s product portfolio, the former soldier talks to Joe Bates

Who’s in the running?

04 October, 2016

Joe Bates details the shortlisted contenders for this year’s Travel Retail Challenge, winners to be announced in Cannes on October 4

Nolet at one

28 September, 2016

Bob Nolet might have been born into the family business, but that didn’t stop him working his way up from the bottom. Hamish Smith meets the man

Pick of the Launches

21 September, 2016

Here is the pick of the launches from last month, as featured in Drinks International Magazine October edition.

Soft focus

30 August, 2016

Adult soft drinks have come a long way and now offer a viable, sophisticated alternative to their alcoholic counterparts. Tracy West reports

Blends beckon

30 August, 2016

It’s been all about the Malbec in Argentina for quite some time, but now winemakers are backing blends as the way forward. Christian Davis reports

Closing arguments

30 August, 2016

From sealing to feeling… and sparkling all over. Sally Easton MW reports on the latest in closure innovation

Fruit drops

30 August, 2016

Cider’s pulling in punters with its vast array of flavour variants. Tracy West looks at how various brands are capitalising on consumers’ love of fruit

Show and tell?

30 August, 2016

While some brand owners are starting to list nutritional information on labels, cream liqueurs are not so far among them. Holly Motion looks at why

Brandy tourism

30 August, 2016

Brandy de jerez has failed to travel well in the past, but Lily Giménez finds new attractions could be bringing in the imbibers

Barrel of laughs

30 August, 2016

Once Scotland’s youngest master blender, Richard Paterson is the ultimate educator when it comes to scotch. Christian Davis gets to the heart of the man

Pick of the Launches

23 August, 2016

Here is the pick of the launches from last month, as featured in Drinks International Magazine September edition.

A pictorial tribute to all the individuals and teams who took away trophies on the night

Eastern Promise

02 August, 2016

The wines of the Middle East have been characterised by Château Musar for many years. But new techniques mean change is in the air, says Michael Karam

Trending now

01 August, 2016

Given the nature and spread of cocktail bars, it’s tough to pinpoint global trends. but Hamish Smith gets some insights from the experts

Emerald Aisles

01 August, 2016

Irish whiskey is on a roll, reports Christian Davis, with increasing numbers of consumers discovering its charms worldwide

Family Guy

01 August, 2016

Strega is an old brand with traditional values at its heart – and that’s how Antonio Savarese intends it to stay, finds Hamish Smith

Pick of the Launches

01 August, 2016

Here is the pick of the launches from last month, as featured in Drinks International Magazine August edition.

Understanding Armagnac

22 July, 2016

The key to increasing armagnac sales is to educate both the trade and consumers, producers tell Henry Jeffreys

From being a stigmatised and marginalised group, the LGBT community is now sought after by all manner of marketers – not least in the alcohol industry. Holly Motion reports

Holly Motion reports on the ISC Brandy & Cognac, Rum, Pisco, Armagnac & Calvados and design and packaging awards.

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