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GreatDrams awarded for successful adaptation during Covid-19

18 February, 2021

GreatDrams has been named a winner at the Lloyds Bank Small Business of 2020 awards through the success of its virtual tastings.

Almost 900 businesses across the UK were nominated by their local communities and 24 winners were picked based on the creativity and speed at which they have adapted to the challenges of Covid-19.

“With our virtual tastings now being one of the most important and biggest things we do, we put together the GreatDrams Whisky Subscription, delivering bottles only available to subscribers every two months, with options for everyone,” said Greg Dillon, co-founder of GreatDrams.

“I have truly loved how our business has evolved and grown over the last year against the odds - who knew we would quadruple the amount of tastings we are doing… without leaving the house.”

Gareth Oakley, managing director of business banking at Lloyds Banking Group, added: “GreatDrams is creating a premium-quality product in the great tradition of Scottish whisky making.

“But Greg and Kirsty [co-founder] are also using modern technology in a really creative way to create new markets and share the infectious passion they have for whisky. It’s a business with exciting international potential and this award is well deserved.”


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