Beavertown Brewery

Beavertown founder Logan Plant

Beavertown opens London's largest brewery

26 August, 2020

Beavertown Brewery has opened London’s largest brewery ‘Beaverworld’, located on a six-acre plot at Ponders End, Enfield.

The new brewery will see up to 150 jobs created in the north London area and Beaverworld will allow the brewery to deliver 90,000,000 pints yearly, 10 times more than previously possibly.

The expansion comes after Heineken purchased a minority stake in Beavertown Brewery in 2018, with £40m going to fund the new brewery.

Beaverworld includes space for a brewhouse, packaging space, warehouse, logistics hub and offices and will be able to deliver a maximum capacity of 500,000hl a year.

Logan Plant, Beavertown Brewery founder, said: “Beaverworld has been a long time in the making and we’re thrilled that we’ve now started brewing on site in Enfield.

“Beaverworld is the answer to our dream of getting more Beavertown in the hands of the masses and we could not be more excited that it’s now up and running. With Beaverworld we’re expecting to create our own lasting-legacy.”


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