World of Zing launches 18 luxury pre-made cocktails

25 June, 2020

Premixed cocktail specialist World of Zing has launched 18 new bottled cocktails and pouches in time for the summer.

Cocktail expert Pritesh Mody set up the business in a dedicated London lab, and it has secured listings with several luxury hotels and restaurants.

You will find the pre-batch cocktails in the minibars at the Langham Hotel and the luxury carriages of the Belmond British Pullman.

The new offerings include a Bordeaux Cask Aged Negroni, a Salted Caramel Old Fashioned, a Persian Lime & Nori Margarita and a Rhubarb Cosmopolitan.

The range is designed to remove the need for extensive ingredients and equipment, and provide a high-end mixology experience when resources are limited.

Mody said: “When businesses reopen post-Covid, they’ll need to be extremely resourceful with stock purchasing and agile with staffing.

“The new World of Zing range provides the on-trade with a refreshing offering that’s not only varied and of the highest quality, but also aids with the streamlining of bar operations.”


Nick Strangeway


Happy customers across the UK enjoyed their first pints and non-homemade cocktails at the start of July as its hospitality sector reopened after months of lockdown. But normal service has hardly resumed.