Martin Miller's launches seasonal gin called Summerful

10 June, 2020

Martin Miller’s has launched a seasonal gin called Summerful to celebrate the brand’s 20th anniversary.

It celebrates Martin Miller’s English and Icelandic heritage by adding Arctic thyme and rosemary to the original gin during the distillation process.

Arctic thyme is said to bring a floral bouquet of flavour and distinctive earthy notes, with hints of citrus and mint designed to mix with the lemon and pine aromas found in rosemary.

David Bromige, co-founder of Martin Miller’s Gin, said “As we celebrate our 20th anniversary this year, we have created a new limited-edition seasonal variant for the first time using a blend based on our Original.

“As a super-premium gin brand, we are always looking at ways to transform our offerings while staying true to our ethos. We are delighted to introduce Summerful to our consumers, allowing them to enjoy the quality of gin they have always expected from us but with a brand-new profile full of all things summer.”


Nick Strangeway

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