Crown Cellars launches Distilled spirits portfolio

23 April, 2018

Crown Cellars, the specialist wine and spirits division of Carlsberg UK, has launched an integrated spirits offering, Distilled.

The new portfolio was unveiled at an on-trade community event in London earlier this month and as part of the new offering, Distilled has worked with the Thinking Drinkers to create a series of educational videos for bartenders. 

Released over a five-month period, the innovative and online tutorials will cover five core spirit areas; vodka, gin, rum, Scotch and American whiskey. 


Katie Hewitt, spirits category manager at Distilled, said: “We have spent a lot of time talking to bar owners and bartenders in order to build a strong and credible line-up of products that we have combined with tried and tested counsel in order support businesses that are as passionate about spirits as we are.


“Our partnership with The Thinking Drinkers has helped us develop a different way of communicating information on the spirits category, which will continue to not only evolve in line with consumer trends but as they are hosted online, they are accessible at any time day or night.”


A new Distilled website has also been developed with operators and bartenders in mind to showcase the full Distilled portfolio.


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