Santana strikes chord with Casa Noble tequila

14 July, 2011

Carlos Santana has become joint owner of Casa Noble tequila in Mexico.

The musician has also joined the board of the organic tequila company, in a move it is hoped will boost the popularity of the brand.

The Casa Noble family of “ultra premium” Single Estate Organic tequilas - which includes Crystal, Reposado, and Añejo - is currently exported to 23 countries worldwide.

Casa Noble CEO Jose Hermosillo said: “We anticipate Santana’s fans all over the world will share not only his passion for music but also his passion for Casa Noble Tequila.

“The link between Casa Noble and Carlos Santana will create broader recognition that Casa Noble’s triple distilled, organically certified tequila is truly one of the finest ultra premium spirits.”

The financial particulars of the deal have not been made public, but according to Casa Noble, the music veteran will be "involved in the continued development of the brand”.

Santana said: "Casa Noble and my family have the same origin - Jalisco, Mexico. My family roots date back to the 1700’s in Jalisco. My father is a Huichol Indian.

“When I visited the distillery, I immediately felt spiritually connected to the Hermosillo family and Casa Noble.”


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