Compass Box celebrates 20th anniversary with Hedonism Felicitas

05 October, 2020

Compass Box has marked its 20th anniversary by releasing a limited-edition expression that pays tribute to the whisky that originally launched the brand.

Hedonism was the distillery’s first release after it was founded on October 23, 2000, and it has gone on to create more than 100 different whiskies since then.

“Launching our business with Hedonism was widely seen at the time as unusual, because so few Scotch whisky companies bottle 100% grain whiskies,” said founder and whiskymaker John Glaser. “I am hopeful that over the years, we have shown people how delicious good quality Scotch grain whisky can be and as a result, Hedonism has become a signature whisky for us.

“For these reasons, we love to create special, limited-edition Hedonism bottlings to commemorate important milestones and events.”

The new expression, Hedonism Felicitas, is created with three grain whiskies, each distilled in a different decade. It is bottled at 53% abv to deliver “a rich concentration of creamy textures and sweet flavours for which aged grain whisky is rightly celebrated”.

Compass Box has produced just 2,226 bottles of the limited-edition whisky, which will enjoy a global release. It has a recommended sales price of £140 for a 70cl bottle in the UK and $175 for 75cl in the US.


Nick Strangeway

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