Bacardí Spiced

Bacardí Spiced relaunched in US market

09 September, 2020

Bacardí Spiced has been relaunched in the US nine years after its initial release to capitalise on the rise of the spiced rum market.

Originally launched in 2011 as Oakheart, Bacardí Spiced makes its second debut with a refreshed look but same liquid, which is aged in American oak barrels and blended with spices.

“As the leader in the rum category with more than 158 years in the business, Bacardí is ready to re-stake its claim in the spiced rum segment,” said Lisa Pfenning, vice president, Bacardí for North America.

“Consumers consistently turn to Bacardí for the latest in rum trends, and the spiced segment is no different. We’ve watched this category closely in recent years and see it as a massive opportunity for the brand.”

Bacardí Spiced is available with a suggested retail price of $12.99 for 750ml.

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