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Drygate Brewery launches new branding and core range

02 July, 2019

Glasgow’s Drygate Brewing has undergone a branding redesign and reshuffled its core range to become “more coherent” with consumers.

Five years after launching in Glasgow’s East End, the brewery has revealed a new unified identity across its products and venue branding.

The new product offering sees the core and Studio ranges combine to include five of its most successful beers to date; Gladeye IPA (5.2% ABV), Bearface Lager (4.4% ABV), Disco Forklift Truck (5.1%ABV) and Orinoco (6% ABV).

Finally, Seven Peaks, previously produced at 5% ABV, has become a 3.9% session IPA and remains the brewery’s flagship product and Shred, a 0.5% ABV orange-infused pale ale, will be added to the range in 2019.

The Studio range brews, Crossing the Rubicon West Coast IPA and Chimera India Pale Lager, will move into the new Draft Picks range - a draft exclusive series of beers available from the brewery’s restaurant, tap room and selected retailers.

Matt Corden, managing director at Drygate Brewing, said: “We feel that to continue to compete in today’s crowded market, it is crucial that our range is recognisable and coherent. 

“We’ve always had exciting and bold branding, but it was important to us that our range felt like a family as we move forward. Five years of business felt like the perfect time to take a step back and develop a new look that represents Drygate as it stands today.”

Drygate’s on-site bar and kitchen is also rebranding as Drygate Brasserie which will put beer pairing at the fore with the aim to deliver an unmatched customer experience. 

Drygate’s rebrand and range changes are live now, with new products, new assets, and venue branding switching to the revised designs immediately, while bottle and can designs will be phased in over the coming months.

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