Cider Supply Co gets China distribution

16 July, 2018

Cider Supply Co has made an agreement with Craft Republic to distribute its French cider brand Galipette Cidre across mainland China (excluding Hong Kong, Macau & Taiwan).

Craft Republic, based in Shanghai, is an independent craft beverage importer and distributor which represents brands such as Our/Vodka of Pernod Ricard. 

Craft Republic’s Ben Joseph said: “From the outside, brands get very excited about the potential of expanding into China, though it is fraught with unique challenges. 

“The market is maturing rapidly and gaining momentum, driven by an increasingly sophisticated consumer class that wants superior quality and better experiences.”

Galipette is a French cider made from 100% fermented apple juice. It is free of gluten and added sugar and is available in brut and biologique varieties.

Joseph added: “We always endeavour to deliver and grow brands that fits this profile. We had to educate ourselves on the merits of a pure juice cider made with reverence to the long French heritage of cider apple cultivation and cider making.

“With its focus on purity and tradition, wrapped up in a great contemporary package, we feel confident Galipette Cidre can become a leader in its segment in China for years to come.”


Nick Strangeway

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