Food pairing trend could immortalise St-Germain

08 August, 2017

St-Germain global brand ambassador Camille Ralph Vidal believes the shift in cooking culture will lend longevity to the French liqueur.

St-Germain is the world’s first elderflower liqueur which was launched in 2007, and Vidal spoke to Drinks International about the future of the brand at its Maison St-Germain event in London.

“I think the trend is really going more towards the chef and the cooking culture,” said Ralph Vidal. “There’re lots of ‘farm to table’ concepts and even the use of flowers in food as well as cocktails.”

The French liqueur brand took over a house in Soho to demonstrate the importance of flowers, which are central to St-Germain’s identity.

Ralph Vidal continued: “I think that St-Germain was always designed to be a modifier and to go into cocktails. The versatility is really the beauty of the brand.

“The US is a huge market for the simple reason that people in America drink lots of cocktails. Also the UK and northern Europe like the taste of elderflower.”

Ralph Vidal recently won Best International Brand Ambassador at the Tails of the Cocktail Spirited Awards in New Orleans, before representing the brand at the Masion St-Germain in Soho.

Ralph Vidal added: “There’s no trends with St-Germain. St-Germain is a modern classic.

“It’s definitely sticking around and it will be around for a long, long time.”

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