Goose Island launches Midway beer in UK on-trade

13 June, 2017

Chicago brewer Goose Island has announced the launch of a new lower-percentage IPA in the UK called Goose Midway.

With an ABV of 4.1%, the session IPA Goose Island says it has a bright hop aroma with tropical and mandarin notes and a medium-to-low bitterness.

Goose Midway will be launched in kegs only for wholesalers and on-trade establishments across the UK from the beginning of June.

Josh Smith, European brand ambassador at Goose Island, said: “We’re delighted to announce the launch of Goose Midway. We’ve seen how popular hoppy beers are in the UK and also the growth in lower ABV craft beers, so we think Goose Midway will be a great addition to our range here.”

Goose Island says it has plans to grow sales in the UK in 2017 by adding beers to its portfolio and educating people about craft beer through events across the year.

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