William Grant & Sons branches into US

19 April, 2017

Scottish whisky distiller William Grant & Sons has bought Tuthilltown Spirits in New York state to expand its whisky portfolio into the US for the first time.

William Grant & Sons has taken over the 36-acre Tuthilltown distillery which already produces Hudson Whiskey, previously acquired by the family-owned Scottish whisky company in 2010.

William Grant & Sons’ chief executive officer, Simon Hunt, said: “In 2010, William Grant & Sons bought the Hudson Whiskey brand as we were not only attracted to the possibilities within the American whiskey category but in particular, the authenticity of the Hudson brand and the excellence of the whiskey; the same is true of the distillery.

“The entire team at Tuthilltown bring an incredible passion to what they do and possess an entrepreneurial spirit that we will whole heartedly encourage.”

Tuthilltown is based in the Hudson valley and was the US’s first distillery since prohibition and acted as a driving factor behind the US craft whiskey movement.

As well as the distillery, William Grant & Sons will inherit the visitor centre, gourmet restaurant and the surrounding land.

Ralph Erenzo, co-founder of Tuthilltown, said: “We’ve been working with William Grant & Sons for a number of years and look forward to building on that relationship to help Tuthilltown fully achieve its potential.”


Nick Strangeway


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