Finlandia Vodka Cup champion unveiled

14 February, 2012

Finlandia has selected the 14th champion of its annual international cocktail competition, the Finlandia Vodka Cup.

Polish bartender Krzysztof Rathnau prevailed from a 20-strong field to take the honours in Helsinki and a winner's prize of US$15,000.

Twelve judges critiqued bartenders on the “art, style and craft” of their drinks.

Contestants were tasked with creating an aperitif, long drink and 'quick mix' cocktail, with a Finlandia product required to be the primary ingredient of each.

While Rathnau accumulated the most points overall, Monica Berg of Norway scored highest in the 'quick mix' category, Jarkko Issukka of Finland took the Aperitif round and Andrei Todosi of Romania scored highest for his long drink.

Neil Punwani, senior vice president and managing director of vodka at Finlandia’s owner Brown-Forman, said: “The Finlandia Vodka Cup brings together the world’s most elite bartenders and this year’s competition further demonstrated the excellent skills and creativity that our competitors bought to the competition.

“We were extremely lucky to have such outstanding ambassadors for our brand as the event truly brings out the best in our industry.”

Rathnau's long drink: Rose Marie

4cl Finlandia Tangerine

2cl De Kuyper Sour Rhubarb

1cl Home infused rosemary syrup

4cl Fresh orange juice

4cl Lychee juice

A piece of fresh mango

15cl Schweppes ginger ale

Garnishes: melon, chrysanthemum's leafs and flower, apple slices, lime slice, lemon slice, orange slice, grape, anises stars.

Muddle mango with rosemary syrup. Add alcohol, orange juice and lychee juice. Shake with ice. Strain into hurricane glass. Top with ginger ale. Garnish.

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