Diageo eyes Guinness supremacy in Africa

14 December, 2011

Diageo is aiming to make Guinness the biggest beer brand by value in Africa with the launch of a pan-market ad campaign.

The Ticket will be broadcast across west and east Africa through television, Facebook, radio and promoted using ‘outdoor’ marketing from this month.

Jeremy Kanter, regional marketing director of Guinness Africa, said: “This pan-African campaign aims to portray the iconic status of Guinness which is embedded in local culture and African hearts and minds.

"With a heritage of just under 200 years in Africa alone, the people proudly count Guinness as their own." 

The screen ad is the first time Guinness has filmed in Nigeria and, according to Diageo, tells the story of “young men stepping up to life’s challenges and being recognised for doing so by family and community - a powerful sentiment which has strong resonance with men across Africa”.

According to Diageo’s results for the year ending June 30 2011, Guinness returned to growth in Nigeria helping to fuel an 11% increase in net sales for Diageo's beer in Africa. 


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