Belvédère Group enters 'judicial restructuring'

20 September, 2011

The Belvédère Group and wine company Moncigale are under the care of the court after a judgement was made on September 20 by the Tribunal de Commerce de Nimes.

A statement from the company said: "In a ruling of 20th September, the Nîmes Commercial Tribunal has just converted the procedure of protection of the court into a judicial restructuring for Moncigale and Belvédère.

"This modification changes nothing during the period the companies are under a period of observation by the court. This confirms, if confirmation were needed, that the Belvédère Group is under the protection of the court. This will allow the management to present a plan to restructure the company, which will secure the long-term survival of the Group for its employees and satisfy its creditors."

The company owns the Sobieski vodka brand, which is backed by Hollywood actor Bruce Willis. Willis also declared an interest to invest in the company in 2009.


David Williams

Championing the unsung wine heroes

The wine trade can be divided into two fundamentally opposed camps. on one side, you have the romantic idealists who believe that wine is – or can be – something special, bordering on mystical: an elixir like no other, comparable to the greatest works of art.

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