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Glenfiddich launches 'closed loop' biogas trucks

27 July, 2021

Glenfiddich has launched a ‘closed loop’ sustainable transport initiative that will run its delivery fleet on green biogas made from the residues of its own distilling process.

Using a unique technology developed by its parent company William Grant & Sons, the Glenfiddich distillery at Dufftown converts its production waste into an ultra-low carbon fuel (ULCF) gas that produces minimal carbon dioxide.

Fuelling stations have been installed at the distillery, and the biogas is now powering its converted trucks that handle the transportation of the Glenfiddich spirit at all stages of its production.

Stuart Watts, William Grant & Sons’ distilleries director, said: “Across the entire production lifecycle, the biogas reduces carbon dioxide by over 95% and other harmful particulates and greenhouse gas emissions by up to 99% when compared to diesel and other fossil fuels.

“Each truck will displace up to 250 tonnes of carbon dioxide annually, which has the same environmental benefit as planting up to 4,000 trees every year - the equivalent of displacing natural gas, a fossil fuel, from 112 households.”

William Grant & Sons plans to use the same process across its entire transport fleet and its industry supply chain, while also aiming to make the technology available across the wider Scottish whisky industry.

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