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Daddy Rack whiskey gets UK distribution deal

18 February, 2021

Daddy Rack, an original Tennessee straight small batch whiskey, has launched in Scotland with plans for a wider UK roll out in March.

Daddy Rack was created by J. Arthur Rackham and is made from locally farmed corn, a 72-hour sour mash and lightly rectified copper double distillation.

It is then filtered using the Lincoln County maple charcoal slow filtration process, which filters the whiskey through a dense layer of sugar maple charcoal, before maturing in new, charred American Oak barrels.

Prior to blending these whiskies go through a light second maple charcoal filtration and then 20 barrels selected by Rackham are batch blended with no colouring, caramel or additional flavours added.

The name ‘Daddy Rack’ comes from a nickname given to Rackham by his eldest daughter Grace and all of Daddy Rack’s corn is high-grade quality and sourced within 50 miles of the distillery. The corn (80%) is milled with rye (10%) and malted barley (10%).

Tennessee whiskey conforms to all the rules of bourbon, including the requirement to be made from at least 51% corn. However unlike bourbon, which can be made in any state, Tennessee whiskey can only be made in Tennessee.

Daddy Rack (40%) sits under the Emporia Brands portfolio and carries an RRP of £35.95.

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