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Whitetail launches new liqueurs range

02 November, 2020

Whitetail in the Isle of Mull has launched five new liqueurs across Scotland through retailer Co-op which will run alongside the brand’s flagship gin.

The new liqueurs, all bottled at 22% abv, include; ginger, vanilla & rhubarb, aqua mint & lime, lemon balm & elderflower, late summer berry and pink grapefruit & rosemary.

According to the distillery, the new expressions have received a “heavy surge of orders in the lead up to Christmas” including a 55-store deal with Co-op in Scotland.

The liqueurs are created using the brand’s Whitetail Gin which is infused with botanicals and flavours from its estate on the island. The liqueurs are then bottled at Whitetail’s family-owned distillery, which is the island’s first distillery in more than 230 years.

“Our liqueurs highlight quality and attention to detail,” said Jamie Munro, director. With a focus on botanicals and flavours that are available to us at our island home.

“Our liqueurs range is headed up by my mother who creates and develops the flavours herself utilising her previous experience as an award-winning chef.”

The liqueurs will retail at £20 per 500ml and are available on Whitetail’s website, along with retailers and outlets throughout the UK.

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