International Spirits Challenge 2020 announces results for whisky and premixed drinks

08 September, 2020

Judges at the International Spirits Challenge hailed the overall quality standards on display within the whisky category after issuing a remarkable medal tally.

They handed out 28 double golds, 293 gold medals, 46 silvers and just one bronze within the Scotch whisky segment. That made Scotch the best performing category within this year’s competition by a comfortable margin.

Irish whiskey producers earned four double gold medals, 30 golds, 27 silvers and a sole bronze. Judges awarded three double golds, 36 gold medals, 10 silver medals and a bronze to Japanese whisky producers.

There were four double golds, 48 golds, 27 silvers and no bronze medals within the American whiskey category, while world whiskies secured two double golds, 35 golds, 39 silvers and three bronze medals.

The ISC has also published the results of the pre-mixed drinks category, which yielded two double gold medals, seven golds, 29 silvers and eight bronze medals.

Check out the full results for each category here.


Nick Strangeway

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