Fortress buys Majestic Wine

Majestic Wine to be bought by Fortress

02 August, 2019

US investment firm Fortress has confirmed the planned purchase of the UK wine retailer Majestic Wine including the company’s stores, website, headquarters, on-trade and French divisions.

Majestic, founded in 1980, sells more than 37m bottles of wine, spirits and beers each year and had a turnover of more than £300m in 2018.

“Majestic is a British institution, occupying a unique position as the nation’s largest wine retailer,” said a representative of Fortress. 

“It offers a seamless customer experience across multiple channels —physical retail, online, subscription and to the on-trade—and has a customer base which loves its stores, people, brand and - of course - wines.”

Alongside strong growth in multi-channel sales, Majestic believes there is still a key role to be played for face to face retail.

“We intend to be the leader in the UK retail revolution with a focus on experience, expertise and product. Over 1,000 roles and Majestic’s store network will remain,” added Joshua Lincoln, managing director at Majestic.

“Majestic has grown through periods of dramatic change, I know we have the recipe to do it again. We want to keep investing in our stores, in our people and our product - everything you can feel, touch and sip. After all, you cannot taste wine online.”


Nick Strangeway

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