Artesian launches new cocktail menu

10 May, 2018

Artesian at The Langham, London has launched a new menu called Artesian Moments consisting of 17 drinks inspired by the general public.

The menu is centred around ‘the flavours and feelings associated with key moments in a person’s life’, and has been created by head bartender, Remy Savage and bar manager, Anna Sebastian.

Inspired by Savage’s passion for philosophy, the menu aims to identify events that contribute to personal identity and create serves that aim to evoke memories and experiences synonymous with different stages in somebody’s life.

“Our wish with Artesian Moments is to create a deeply personal menu for our guests; one that can be enjoyed collectively, but still inspire an individual memory,” said Savage.

“It was our customers' experiences and memories that helped create these drinks. You could say they were there all along, we just had to ask.”

The Artesian team asked members of the public to share the flavours and feelings that they associated with a selection of pivotal moments in their lives through a questionnaire.

With this information, Savage and Sebastian began developing the 17 drinks for the new cocktail menu and the duo worked alongside Paris-based artist, Tatiana Blinova, to create a series of collages that represent each drink, or moment.


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