Oval shapes up for Latin America debut

02 April, 2012

US-based Rok Stars has appointed Dynamic Group Development Corporation distributor of Oval Vodka in central and South America.

As part of the deal the Panama-based group has pledged to purchase US$27.5 million worth of Oval Vodka over five years.

The newly formed Rok Stars, a consumer goods company headed by Patrón Spirits co-founder John Paul DeJoria and UK businessman Jonathan Kendrick, announced it had bought the Austrian vodka brand in November 2011.

In December 2012 Rok Stars signed a deal with UK distributor Castle Trade Services said to be “worth a minimum of €3.5m” across 3 years.

Kendrick said: “While there are many vodka brands available in the five billion bottles-per-year global vodka market, Dynamic Group Development Corporation recognises that premium vodka brands are the most dynamically growing sector of this huge industry.

“Oval is perfectly placed to compete with the leading brands both on quality and price with the wholly unique benefit that during its patented distillation process, we bond water molecules to the alcohol molecules naturally, thus reducing the dehydrating effect of consuming alcohol.”

Rok Stars is listed on the Frankfurt stock exchange.

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