Mako Vodka makes US splash

08 August, 2011

Mako Vodka, a nautically themed spirit made using water from “ice-age aquifers” has launched to selected states in the US. 

According to producer Mako Brands, the "premium" vodka is made from “limestone spring water from deep earth aquifers formed during the ice age”.

Scott Reid, president and COO of Mako Brands, said: “Our target audience is defined psycho-graphically as those consumers of drinking age who are engaged in or have an affinity for all things nautical.

“We appeal to sailors and power boaters, fisherman, jet skiers, surfers, scuba divers, swimmers, kayakers etc.”

The 40% abv vodka is available in 75cl, priced at $14.99-$17.99; 1-litre at $19.99-$22.99; and 1.75 litre bottles for $24.99-$29.99.

Reid said: “It is ultra-distilled in a five column continuous distillation process to achieve what we believe is as pure and smooth a vodka as you will taste at any price.”

Mako Vodka is available in selected states in north eastern and south eastern states.

The Philadelphia-headquartered packaging specialist, Saxco International, were tasked with carrying through the brand’s nautical theme in the bottle design.  

Saxco employed a navy blue ‘stelcap’, a Mako 'shark logo' design with a navy coloured 'skirt'  to  provide an “enhanced look”.

Jimmy Owens, new product  development representative for Saxco, said: “Our role was to create a unique new package design with a beautiful and bold eye appeal with a pronounced shelf prominence while adhering closely to the project’s specifications , especially colour density in décor.”

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