Russian Distiller launches Polugar

31 March, 2011

Russian Distiller has launched two new ‘bread wines’, Rye Polugar and Rye Malt Polugar.

The 38.5% distillates, which are each limited to 1000 bottles, follow the launch of Krivach in 2010, a malted rye spirit with an abv of 61%.

The spirits are contained in the “traditional bread wine bottle size" of 61.5cl and are available in European markets to the on and off-trade.

Makers claim the distillation process for Polugar and Krivach dates to a time prior to Russia’s alcohol rectification.

According to the Russian Distiller, the $100 a bottle Rye Poulgar and the $250 Rye Malt Poulgar, are targeted at men of 30-60 years old with high incomes, who are interested in “old time Russian traditions”.

According to Russian Distiller, Rye Polugar “is neither vodka nor liqueur” and is “transparent, has a rich oily texture, a striking bread aroma and a warming soft taste of rye bread”.

The aftertaste has “traces of rye bread, honey and almonds”.


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