Villa Massa launches Sicilian amaretto

16 November, 2020

Villa Massa has released Villa Massa Amaretto as the company extends its product range beyond limoncello for the first time.

The liqueur is produced using almonds from Sicily, which impart an intense flavour due to the year-round sunshine and the island’s volcanic soil.

“At Villa Massa, we use only the best natural ingredients from Italy, and use traditional methods to capitalize on the premium quality flavours and aromas that they offer,” said Julian Fernandez, global marketing & innovation director for spirits at Zamora Company.

 “Sicilian almonds are characterised by their thick, woody shell - it’s nature’s packaging and protects the almond from the outside, in turn preserving the intense flavour and aroma of the fruit inside, which you can appreciate in our Villa Massa Amaretto.”

The amaretto is bottled at 30% abv, Villa Massa recommends serving over ice as a digestif.

Acquired by Zamora Company in 2018, Villa Massa was the first company to commercialise limoncello in Italy and internationally when in 1991 it began producing the Sorrentine liqueur based on a family recipe dating back to 1890. Villa Massa Limoncello is now sold in 40 countries.

Villa Masa Amaretto will first launch in the on and off-trades in The Netherlands in November with an rrp of €23.49.


Nick Strangeway

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