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Shift6 PR offers free services to independent clients

28 July, 2020

London-based PR agency Shift6 has been offering its services free of charge to its independent hospitality clients since bars were permitted to open in the country on 4 July.

Shift6 took the decision in late June to invest in its past and present clients and build awareness of their new offerings to support footfall to its accounts and will continue to do so until mid-August.

The company’s clients include Notting Hill’s Trailer Happiness, London Cocktail Club and The Gibson in Shoreditch.

Sly Augustin of Trailer Happiness, said: “As the tide is turning, we’re optimistic about the future and committed to helping our team and the industry as a whole, recover and embrace this new reality.

“Getting the message back out there that we’re open and ready for business is critical and we’re grateful for the support from Shift6 during this time.”


Nick Strangeway


Happy customers across the UK enjoyed their first pints and non-homemade cocktails at the start of July as its hospitality sector reopened after months of lockdown. But normal service has hardly resumed.