AS Liviko gains Spanish distribution deal

03 October, 2018

AS Liviko has entered into an export contract with Spanish distributor and wine manufacturer Sogas Mascaró resulting in Crafter’s London Dry gin, Crafter’s Aromatic Flower gin and Vana Tallinn liqueurs being exported to Spain.

Liviko started manufacturing Crafter’s London Dry gin in 2016 and Crafter’s Aromatic Flower gin in 2017. Crafter’s gin is now exported to 25 countries and in total, Liviko exports to 32 countries in Europe, Asia and North America.

“Crafter’s gins and Vana Tallinn liqueurs made a good impression on the Spanish export partner at an international trade fair,” said CEO of AS Liviko, Janek Kalvi. “Since they were very interested in our product, entering into the contract and sending the first batch to Spain took place really quickly.

“Spain as the biggest gin market in Europe is characterised by tough competition and demanding consumers. Knowing the great potential of the Spanish market, getting there is a significant milestone to us.

“Export remains a priority for Liviko, both in terms of increasing volumes and entering new markets. None of this would be possible without quality product development.”

AS Liviko is a manufacturer and importer of alcoholic beverages established in 1898. The company has developed an alcohol distribution and wholesale network in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, which is used to market the company’s own products as well as imported brands from other quality alcohol manufacturers.

AS Liviko is now one of the three largest alcohol companies in the Baltic States that gives equal attention to the manufacturing and import of alcoholic beverages.

Family company Sogas Mascaró is a wine manufacturer established in 1910 that makes both quality wines and sparkling wines. In addition to this, Sogas Mascaró represents several quality alcohol brands in Spain, focusing on Spain as a whole and separately on holiday regions.

 “Gin is one of the most popular alcoholic drinks in Spain,” added head of Sogas Mascaró, Pedro Freixas Cointreau. “We’re convinced that Crafter’s gins, which belong to the super-premium category, have a great chance of success on the Spanish market. Our experts have a high opinion of the flavour and quality of Crafter’s London Dry gin. We believe that the colour-changing Crafter’s Aromatic Flower gin will also create some excitement on our gin market.”

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