Bacardí blender: ‘Cuatro timing is just right’

19 April, 2018

The timing for the launch of Bacardí Añejo Cuatro earlier this month was ‘just right’ according to Bacardí’s Maestro De Ron, Juan Piñera Guevara.

Following it’s initial launch in the US, Bacardí rolled out Cuatro into the UK market on April 4, to sit beneath Ocho in its premium rum portfolio.

“I think we’ve got the timing just right for Cuatro," said Guevara. "I’m honoured by the compliments people have been giving to me and the team, it's very popular.”

Cuatro is barrel aged in the Caribbean for a minimum of four years before bottling and is said to benefit from ageing in a hotter climate in the Caribbean.

“We are excited to introduce an accessible entry point to premium rums with Bacardí Cuatro,” said Sarah Doyle, vice president for Europe at Bacardí. “As people become more adventurous and aware of what they drink, we think now is the perfect time to spark conversation about the versatility of the Bacardí rum portfolio.”

Bacardí also launched its Gran Reserva Diez, a 10-year-old expression at a similar time to sit above Ocho in the premium portfolio.

Following its recent launch, Cuatro is likely to play a significant role in the Bacardí Legacy cocktail competition, which will take place later this month in Mexico City.

“I’m super excited about Legacy this year," added Dickie Cullimore, global brand ambassador. "I’ve spent a lot of this year visiting the venues and making sure everything is in place to make the 2018 competition the greatest ever.

“This will be the 10th edition of Legacy and it’s warming to see the influence that the competition is leaving behind. Previous finalists still remain ambassadors of our brand, for example the 2012 champion, Shingo Gokan is returning as a judge for the global final.

“Conor Myers, who took part in the global final last year, is doing amazing things with his Electric Avenue cocktail, especially with festivals.”

Bacardí Legacy starts on the 28 April with workshops and Cuatro will role into further international markets over the coming year.

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