Luandina launches as first Angolan beer

15 December, 2017

Luandina has launched as the first 100% Angolan beer, a pilsner-style beer named after a feminisation of the capital city Luanda, which references the respect for female power.

The beer has been created in collaboration with brand identity and design company Webb deVlam over a two-year period.

Luandina is produced by master brewers on the banks for the River Kwanza, a few kilometres outside the capital.

One of the biggest challenges that Webb deVlam faced was from Cuca, the leading national beer brand, which was launched during Portuguese colonisation and had become a byword for beer itself.

Webb deVlam creative director, JP Hunter, said: “It’s such a new market, so we had to carry out extensive research to understand the target consumer.

“It was crucial that Luandina represented everyday Angolans and the country’s spontaneous, optimistic and confident spirit. At times, it felt like we were branding the nation.”

Luandina is sold in cans, bottles and multipacks from wholesalers and premium liquor stores and will be available on draft in bars soon. There are also plans to expand to other African countries and beyond in the future.


David Williams

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