Loch Lomond whisky makes big China exports deal

05 May, 2017

Loch Lomond Group, based in Alexandria in Scotland, has set up a partnership with China National Cereals, Oils and Foodstuffs Corporation (COFCO).

The Scottish distillers’ full range of whiskies, including Loch Lomond, Glen Scotia, and Littlemill, will now be available throughout China.

Colin Matthews, chief executive of the Loch Lomond Group, spoke to China Daily: "We're very excited about our new partnership with COFCO across the fast-growing Chinese market.

“COFCO is a very ambitious, energetic and innovative organization with a great team and exciting plans for the future, which matches our own aspirations, both for China and as a group."

COFCO has a network of 700 off-licenses and more than 1,000 sub-distributors and China’s rapidly growing middle-class means whisky is in high demand.

The Scotch Whisky Association announced the value of exports to China increased 0.5% in 2016 to £41m and single malt exports to China increased 66% between 2015-16.

Castle Li, general manager of COFCO Wine & Spirits, also spoke to China Daily: "COFCO is determined to use all of our resources, energy and routes to market strengths to succeed in bringing the Loch Lomond and Glen Scotia Scotch whisky portfolios to the Chinese market and its many millions of consumers."

"We believe that the Loch Lomond Group's brands will have major appeal to a wide spectrum of consumers in China where we are seeing significant growth in demand for premium drinks brands, especially Scotch whisky."

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