Pick of the Launches

01 March, 2017

Here is the pick of the launches from last month, as featured in Drinks International Magazine March edition



Brand owner Pernod Ricard

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Markets Global

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Pernod Ricard has given Beefeater 24 a makeover. The new design is said to reflect “the product’s super-premium quality” and is hoped to “increase its visibility on shelf”, while “reinforcing the difference between Beefeater 24 and Beefeater Dry”.

Inspired by the Arts & Crafts movement of the 20th century, the decoration is said to mirror the gin’s 12 botanicals. The bottle’s colour pays homage to one of the UK’s oldest crown jewels, the 170-carat Black Prince’s Ruby centrepiece in the Imperial State Crown. The history of the precious stone is intertwined with the Tower of London and the Yeoman Warders who guard it.

The figure of a Beefeater has been introduced alongside the signature of Beefeater founder James Burrough. The Tower of London raven, historically said to protect the crown, is visible on both the front and reverse of the bottle.

Global brand director for Beefeater, Eric Sampers, said: “Our new Beefeater 24 design will capture the consumer’s attention, with a striking red colour which makes it clearly stand out from its competitors.”


David Williams

Championing the unsung wine heroes

The wine trade can be divided into two fundamentally opposed camps. on one side, you have the romantic idealists who believe that wine is – or can be – something special, bordering on mystical: an elixir like no other, comparable to the greatest works of art.

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