Bombay subs global comp for Glasshouse

16 September, 2016

Bombay Sapphire has shelved its global cocktail competition, Most Imaginative Bartender, in favour of The Glasshouse Project, a conceptual training programme for bartenders. 

The Glass House Project, a series of thought-provoking conceptual sessions in the areas of design, food and creative arts, is aimed at broadening bartenders’ skill set and meeting the needs of bartenders who don’t necessarily compete in cocktail competitions.

The Project, which was brought together with the help of Marcis Dzelzainis, bar manager at Sager + Wilde Paradise Row, debuted in London in September.

High-profile bartenders from around the world attended the three-day event. Global marketing manager Julian Davies told DI he would like The Glasshouse Project assume a larger role in the industry, taking place in other cities around the world.

“The Glasshouse Project is less about winning and losing, more about diverse fields drawn together, collaboration and the incubation of ideas. It’s a slower burn but potentially a more powerful means of engagement,” he said.

Though the global Most Imaginative Bartender competition was dropped this year, national competitions will continue in the US and, according to Davies, the format will likely play a role in emerging markets.

“There was limited demand for Most Imaginative Bartender from bartenders outside of the US – hence the genesis of The Glasshouse Project idea,” said Davies. “We will be looking for a way for both The Glasshouse Project and a competition element to run, as we feel they both have value to add.”

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