New Chivas Distillery opened by Nicola Sturgeon

22 June, 2015

First minister Nicola Sturgeon will officially open Chivas Brothers’ £25m Dalmunach Distillery on the banks of the River Spey today.

The distillery – named after the nearby pool in the River Spey – is the culmination of Chivas Brothers’ investment package which has increased malt whisky distillation capacity by 17% to “support long-term global demand for its brands”.

Laurent Lacassagne, chairman and CEO of Chivas Brothers, said: “Dalmunach Distillery is an excellent example of securing the future of the industry by respecting its heritage and it’s fitting that the remnants from the old Imperial Distillery have been built into an extremely efficient distillery with an architecturally stunning design."

The distillery houses eight copper pot stills with a tulip shape used for the wash stills and an onion shape for the spirit stills, replicating those from the Imperial distillery which was situated on the site until 2012.

First minister Nicola Sturgeon added: "Scotch Whisky is one of Scotland's iconic brands and is in huge demand all over the globe due to the exceptional quality the industry produces.

"It is hugely important to the Scottish economy and its protected EU status means it has an unmatched international reputation."


Dominic Roskrow

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