Funkin launches 'skinny' agave syrup

30 May, 2012

Funkin has launched Agave Nectar to the global on-trade as a ‘skinny’ alternative to sugar syrup.

The organic product is designed to be used in cocktails and long drinks and, according to Funkin, “contains 40% fewer calories per serve than standard sugar syrup and is a low GI [glycemic index] sweetener”

Two other new flavours, Mint and Vanilla, have also been added to the existing syrup range, which includes Grenadine, Passion Fruit and Sugar Cane.

Agave Nectar comes in 36cl bottles and is priced in the UK at £5.96 per bottle.

Made from Mexican blue agave plants, Funkin describes Agave Nectar's flavour as light and mild, thus ideal for mixing.

It also said to have a low viscosity, allowing it to be easily poured and dissolved in cold liquids.

Andrew King, CEO of Funkin said: “Funkin Agave Nectar has been developed in response to calls from bartenders to enhance drinks menus with a skinny offering.

“Our quest for quality and consistency is paramount and following extensive tests across different agave varieties, we selected the organic Mexican blue agave because it has the right balance of colour, flavour, viscosity and sweetness, best suited to making interesting and exciting drinks.”

The launch of the new syrups has also prompted Funkin to repackage its syrups range. Flavoured syrups will be packed in 50cl bottles, Sugar Cane in 70cl bottles and Agave Nectar in 36cl bottles.


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