China to attend LIWF/Distil

02 May, 2012

Brintex, organiser of the LIWF and Distil, has announced that China will exhibit for the first time at the show.

A contingent of six producers from Sichuan Province will be exhibiting on a pavilion hosted by the Sichuan World Trade Centre within Distil. Producers include: Wu Liang Ye Group; Langjiu Group; Luzhou Laojiao Co; Sichuan TuoPai SheDe Group, Sichuan Swellfun Co and Sichuan Jian Nan Chun Group. Products will focus on premium spirits, many of which have never been exported to the UK.

All the producers are looking to secure distribution at the show with a view to targeting the following sectors: high end hotels, premium restaurants (specifically Chinese), luxury retailers and supermarkets. The Sichuan contingent will be accompanied by buyers.

Exhibition director, James Murray, said: “China’s presence really underpins the message of “Discovery” at this year’s shows. They are joined in Distil by a new group from Hungary, showcasing the nation’s favourite spirit, Pálinka and we are delighted have such interesting and diverse products on show.”

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