Double of Jura

26 January, 2012

Jura, The Whyte and Mackay single malt, has teamed up with its coffee industry namesake to create a range of whisky and coffee pairings.

As part of a promotion, customers purchasing a Jura coffee machine will be offered a free taster pack of Jura whiskies, a pack of Jura coffee and a box of luxury chocolates.

Whyte and Mackay’s master blender Richard Paterson has worked with the Swiss coffee firm to create the pairings, combining each of Jura’s core expressions with a different blend of coffee.

According to Paterson, the “peat and spice” notes of Jura Superstition matches well with Jura’s Impressa blend, which has flavours of bitter chocolate and burnt wood.

The “light and delicate” 10 Year Old has been paired with the “spicy roasted coffee” notes of the Indian coffee Malabar Monsooned.

The “rich and full bodied” qualities of Jura’s 16 Year Old are said to complement the “fruity yet spiciness” of Fazenda da Lagoa.

While for an after dinner combination, Paterson suggests the 21 Year Old works well with the “chocolate, molasses and muscavado” tones of Jura’s World of Coffee blend.

Paterson said: “It’s long been recognised that coffee and whisky complement each other, so it’s been a delight to work with our namesake - Jura Coffee – to help create these pairings.

"The combinations that we’ve chosen really highlight the full range of special signature flavours within our single malt whiskies, whilst bringing out the full flavour of each blend of coffee. The two together will definitely give you a taste experience to savour.”


Nick Strangeway

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