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Copalli launches cacao-infused rum

30 September, 2020

Belizean rum brand Copalli has launched a limited-edition cacao-infused rum made from ingredients grown at The Copal Tree Distillery.

Just 2,000 bottles of Copalli Cacao have been released in line with the 2020 cacao harvest the single estate rum is made from sugar cane, yeast, cacao nibs and water.

“Copalli Cacao is based on our award-winning Copalli White Rum, naturally infused with proprietary, organic cacao and cut with soft rainforest canopy water,” said Jon Welch of Copslli Rum.

“The fresh and fruity cane-juice rum works in perfect harmony with sumptuous dark chocolate notes. We think the results are pretty special and we can’t wait to share this unique release with rum lovers and bartenders alike.”

The latest expression carries an RRP of £36 and is available on Amazon. 

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