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Worthy Park gets UK distribution

23 September, 2020

Distribution company Spirit Cartel has added Jamaica’s sole single estate rum producer, Worthy Park to its portfolio.

Worthy Park has its own sugar cane fields, factory and distillery all on the same 9,000 acre plot and the new deal means all of the 350-year-old producer’s rums will now be distributed throughout the UK.

David Hood, general manager of Spirit Cartel, said: “Reshaping our rum line-up is just a part of a complete overhaul of our portfolio.

“Even during Lockdown, we’ve managed to add Copperhead gin, Equiano and now Worthy Park to it - and the journey continues.”

The deal commences as the UK rum market has experienced a recent upsurge. UK rum sales surpassed £1bn in 2019 according to WSTA and further growth was initially predicted.

Spirit Cartel now operates across the whole of the UK and is expanding its team from six to 11.


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