Tambovskaya vodka range enters Austrian market

25 August, 2020

Amber Beverage Group is set to launch Tambovskaya Osobaya Silver Vodka and Tambovskaya Pink Vodka in Austria by the end of August.

The Tambovskaya Vodka range will be managed by Mountain Spirits in Austria, a distribution company within ABG which covers all of the on and off trade nationally with a specialty division that focuses on wholesale within the Alps region.

“There’s strong potential for Tambovskaya Vodka as it is an authentic quality product, with the spirit from Tambov Oblast in Russia being a key ingredient. We are looking forward to introducing the brand into the Austrian market with our partner Mountain Spirits,” said Elena Azhnova, ABG route-to-market strategist.

Markus Panzl, CEO of Mountain Spirits added: “Vodka is one of Austria’s largest and most important spirit categories and is considered a "staple" in the country. According to the IWSR, around 7.4m bottles of vodka were sold in Austria in 2019.

“We believe vodka will remain a stable and leading spirits segment in the coming years, due to its broad appeal. Consumer demand in Austria is shifting more and more towards better and higher quality vodka, which is why we believe that Tambovskaya Vodka will perform very well in the market.”

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Nick Strangeway


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