Patrick Farbos BNIA president

BNIA president Patrick Farbos

Armagnac board names Patrick Farbos new president

08 July, 2019

Patrick Farbos has been elected the new president of the Bureau National Interprofessionnel de L’Armagnac for the next three years.

Farbos, president of the Les Hauts de Montrouge cooperative in Nogaro, was elected during the General Assembly last week and has taken over the role from Marc Darroze.

“Collective discussions cannot be in the interests of individuals,” said Farbos. “We must share one and the same collective concern.

"The Armagnac Interprofession must be up to the task as we are watched and we must be exemplary. We will continue to structure the organisation internally and manage the projects in order to continue to put the elements in place for the years to come. 

“Very mindful to see the young producers and traders joining the BNIA, I am convinced that we are going to continue to enhance the value of our savoir-faire.”

Jérôme Delord has also been made vice-president while Darroze has taken on the role of Armagnac traceability commission president.


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