Brewdog Andy Shaw

Brewdog's Andy Shaw

Brewdog appoints new CEO

06 February, 2019

Scottish brewing company Brewdog has appointed Andy Shaw as CEO Beer to look after the global sales and marketing of beer.

Shaw has previously held senior roles at Red Bull and the role of CEO Beer was formed in order to provide additional senior strategic leadership as Brewdog enters a period of accelerated growth domestically and internationally.

In August, the brewery announced its half-year trading results, showing total revenue at £78m, up by 55% versus the same time the previous year. Revenue of the brewery’s bar division was also up by 92% and its UK retail sales had grown by 83%, compared with 2017 half-year results.

Brewdog co-founder James Watt said: "Andy’s impressive track record for championing a strategic, global vision is what makes him such an exciting addition to the Brewdog crew.”

Shaw added: "Brewdog’s feats over the last decade are a direct result of a culture of innovation and fearlessness. When many in the industry doubted and scoffed, James and Martin remained clear-eyed and determined to change the world of beer for the better.”

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