Exclusive: Orlando Marzo to open bar in 2019

06 November, 2018
Orlando Marzo wins Diageo World Class

Orlando Marzo wins Diageo World Class

World Class champion Orlando Marzo has told Drinks International that he wants to open a bar in Melbourne in late 2019.

The Italian was crowned the 10th champion of the Diageo World Class bartender competition in Berlin last month and is already planning the next phase of his career.

“I’m still having meetings with Diageo about the plan for the coming year but it’s super exciting and I want to open my own venue next year, probably towards the end of the year because it’s going to be a crazy 12 months,” said Marzo.

“The more I think about the fact that I won the competition, the more I find it hard to believe. Winning World Class will open so many opportunities for my career because it is such a powerful competition.”

The former Milk & Honey bartender will now spend the next 12 months travelling the world with Diageo to do guest bar shifts, deliver seminars and represent the company’s brands at various events.

Marzo moved to Melbourne five years ago from London and he currently works at Lûmé restaurant where he is head bartender.

“Lûmé has been busier than usual since I won the competition because people are coming and hoping to see me. The restaurant was on TV after I won so the exposure has been amazing.”

Marzo plans to stay with Lûmé and hopes to come to an agreement with the restaurant regarding his commitments with Diageo and working hours.


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