Israeli whisky to sell off full casks

15 August, 2018

Milk & Honey, Israel's first-ever whisky distillery, is selling full-sized casks of its earliest edition whisky. The 200-liter, ex-bourbon casks.

Upon purchase, casks are filled with new-make single malt and placed in the distillery's cask room where they are supervised by head distiller Tomer Goren over the course of three or more years.

Cask owners can visit the distillery at their own convenience to check in on their barrel, and see how it is a developing. After three years, owners can decide in collaboration with Goren, whether to bottle the cask or allow it to continue aging, and can even design their own logos or signage for their custom bottle.

"Our early edition spirit is very special, not just because of its quality as a product, but for the place it will hold in the history of Israeli craft spirits," said CEO Eitan Attir. "We're proud to offer people a piece of that tradition at a fair price, and happy to report that whisky lovers across the globe are responding with a lot of enthusiasm."

The distillery has already released Israel's first-ever single malt whiskey in "Experimental Editions" to give eager onlookers a chance to taste the product. Bottles of its first experimental edition auctioned for as much as £2,500 online.

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