Tia Maria sales boom in Scotland

06 August, 2018

The sales of coffee liqueur brand Tia Maria increased 320% in Scotland following its Coffee Cocktail Month.

The activity featured in more than 400 outlets across the UK and aimed to drive awareness of the brand’s coffee cocktail serves and highlight the profit opportunity for licensees.

The G1 Group, Scotland’s largest hospitality group, ran the activity in 15 of its outlets. During this time, a total of 1,849 espresso martinis (the equivalent to 66 bottles of Tia Maria) were sold by the company. 

Along with the classic serve, the Tia & Tonic, Popcorn Frappe and Flat White Russian were also included in the menu takeovers. 

Gemma Monaghan, on trade marketing manager, Tia Maria, said: “The coffee category continues to be in growth, with 70m cups of coffee being drank in the UK every day. There’s a growing trend towards the coffee cocktail, presenting outlets with a huge opportunity to drive incremental sales and cash margin. 

“The activity proved to be a success in outlets across Scotland, which is a fantastic result for Tia Maria. We hope these licensees now see the lucrative coffee cocktail opportunity and join us as we further push our mission to drive the coffee revolution.”

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