Liviko takes on Rémy Cointreau brands

01 June, 2018

The Estonia-based Liviko Group is to represent the Rémy Cointreau group in the Baltic States.

French producer Rémy Cointreau’s brands will be represented by Liviko AS in Estonia and its subsidiaries SIA Liviko in Latvia and UAB Liviko in Lithuania.

Rémy’s managing director of the eastern and northern European region, Leszek Karpowicz said: “Liviko has a lot of experience, is equally strongly represented in all three Baltic States and provides the best portfolio fit for our brands. We’re sure that our cooperation will be successful and mutually beneficial,” said of Rémy Cointreau

More than 10 luxury brands, which include: Louis XIII, Rémy Martin, Metaxa, St-Rémy, The Botanist gin, Mount Gay rum, Bruichladdich, Port Charlotte and Octomore single malts as well as Cointreau liqueur, will be added to Liviko’s range from Rémy Cointreau.

“The Rémy Cointreau Group brings exceptional brands, which are a welcome and excellent addition to our carefully selected portfolio, especially in the category of cognacs and brandies,” said CEO of Liviko Group Janek Kalvi.

The international alcohol producers represented by Liviko in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania include brands of Bacardi-Martini group, Nemiroff vodka and well-known wine brands such as Hardy’s, Louis Jadot, Marques de Caceres, Saint Clair, Rocca delle Macie, Carmen, Marani and Canti.

Liviko is a producer and importer of alcohol established in 1898. It claims to have a well-developed distribution and wholesale network in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. Liviko markets not only its own products but also imported premium brands.


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