Little Red Door menu unveiled

31 May, 2018

Paris bar Little Red Door landed in London this week to promote its new cocktail list: Menu of Universal Values.

The menu, which launched earlier in May following nine months of research and planning at the world-famous Paris bar (11th in the World’s 50 Best Bars 2017), has been showcased through guest shifts and tastings around the capital.

Based around Shalom Schwartz’s Theory of Basic Human Values, the menu explores the commonality between people through illustrations by Laura Sheldon and cocktails by the Little Red Door team.

Each of Schwartz’s ten values – strength, stimulation, achievement, hedonism, benevolence, conformity, self-direction, tradition, universalism, and balance - have a corresponding cocktail based on the experiences of members of the bar team.

The picture book also includes an 11th cocktail – Balance – which was an addition by the bar team and is made from soma tea and herbal tincture.

Little Red Door’s Calvin Politi told DI that though the new menu is “philosophical” by nature its intention is to appeal to everyone, with simple and inviting illustrations and playful vessels.

The drink Stimulation is a complex blend of Bruxo No.1 mezcal, chlorophyll, porcini mushroom, Cap Mattei Blac and citrus but the bar’s Rory Shepherd explained to DI that the new cocktails can be taken on two levels. “If you want to geek out, you can – we love to talk about what goes into the drinks. Or you can just order a drink!”

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