Heineken adopts new capacity tech

01 March, 2018

Heineken has partnered up with Infor, a provider of industry-specific cloud applications, to optomise production capacity and reduce waste.

The programme created by Infor will standardise 90% of operations in Heineken’s 20 breweries around the world, helping the brewing giant to optimise capacity, reduce production complexity and improve purchasing power.

“It is vital for us to reduce complexity in our operations and keep control of production,” said Ad van Delzen, strategic planner, Heineken. 

“Strategic applications such as Infor Advanced Scheduling mean that we can extend this control across our breweries and offer a route to improved profitability and much greater efficiency, without losing the individual characteristics of that brewery or beer.”

The project is the latest phase of a relationship between Infor and Heineken that spans more than 20 years. Following a pilot in two breweries in Italy, Heineken now has a template to implement throughout operating companies across the globe.

Based on this template, and previous experience, Heineken expects to decrease levels of inventory of materials such as glass bottles by up to 40%, whilst improving capacity by up to 10% and helping enhance the consistency of workload scheduling in the breweries.

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